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I have always enjoyed photography. A big part of this is an enjoyment presenting the photos that I take. In order to further this I have started to add my photo sets to this site. The photo sets here are my attempt to be a little creative and even trying to be artistic. I welcome any feedback on the albums shown, whether on the photos themselves or how I present them.

It is unlikely that my holiday snaps will appear here. The idea behind this site is to help me learn how to display a small photo set built from an idea or experience. They are meant to be more abstract or perhaps tell a story rather than just documenting events in my life such as holidays.

I frequently share more photos on Picassa / Google+. Not all photos that I share there will also appear on this site. If they contain images of friends and family I will restrict them. If you want to see all of my albums please get in touch and I can provide you with access.

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