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Getting confused by my headings? I do already have a job and I don\\\'t particularly want to leave it just yet. The reason for the interviews are to determine where in the company I will be working.

We have had presentations from 30 different teams (mostly starting at 7am!) and then narrowed this down to 9 we wanted to interview with. I now get 2 weeks of interviewing at 7am which really isn\\\'t fun! It may be ok for the people interviewing me who are in London and are actually awake but poor little me over here in New York REALLY shouldn\\\'t be up that early, especially not being up that early explaining the more technical points of C++. In all...not fun!

It is raining in NYC at the moment. This is a bit of a bummer but in a way it does make us feel a bit better about being in work since it is so rubbish outside.

As for exciting activities we are currently trying as hard as we can to organise a trip to Atlantic City and one to Boston. I believe this weekend I am going to be driving people down to Boston which should be good fun.

For now I am off to get takeaway and watch the West Wing...this is becoming a bit of a habit and is a good way to wind down after work. Maybe later I will even persuade some people to go do some drinking which hasn\\\'t been happening a great deal recently, except last weekend of course which was hideously drunken!

Anyway...thanks for stopping by! See you again soon. xoxo

Posted by Richard Kirk on 14/10/2005 at 00:42:46 (2244 hits)

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