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You go all the way to New York and what do you end up doing...REVISION! How rubbish is that. I am currently in a delightful revision session with Tom and Shania. For those who aren\\\'t aware of Tom and Shania they are two of my new Morgan Stanley buddies. New would probably be a bad description in this case as I worked with Tom for the last 2 years and went to uni with Shania for 4 years even though I managed to be in the same room as her everyday and speak to her about twice.

More interestingly I was invloved in a bar room brawl on Friday night which was rather unusual. A friend of mine over here started getting beaten up for no particular reason and being the nice guy I am I dived in to help him by pulling the other guy off. Sadly in the process I somehow got a blow to the face from somewhere which cut my glasses into my cheek so I came out worst off...quite annoying really.

Everything else over here is going quite well. My visitors have gone away now so I am trying (with little success) to knuckle down to some of the work that I am meant to be doing over here. At one point I had 4 guests here which was nice. Thanks to Vicki, Jimmy, Heather and Jill for coming to visit. Anyone else wanting to visit are still welcome.

Back to work for me now. Tom and Shania are asking me lots of C++ questions and I feel it is a bit rude to keep ignoring them.

In case you haven\\\'t already seen there are a few photos on-line again now in my gallery. Hopefully soon I will get some decent gallery software so that they will be easier to view.

Posted by Richard Kirk on 03/10/2005 at 01:41:02 (2315 hits)

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