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In case you didn\\\'t already know I am in New York at the moment. I am here on a 14 week training program for my new job. So far it has been great!

I have been doing lots of sightseeing while here. This is my second visit to New York. Last time I came with my parents for a few days in April 2001. This trip to the city has been very different especially since I am now over 21 so can fully appreciate everything the city has to offer!

We haven\\\'t been in New York the whole time. For labour day weekend we took a trip to Washington DC and Philidelphia. DC was very interesting with a lot of sights to see. It was also extremely quiet though when you get away from the tourist attractions. Getting around can be tiring also as the sights are quite spaced out however this does lead to a very unique museum like feel to the whole city. Philidelphia is a lot smaller and has a much more energised feel to it. Sadly we were only in both places for one night so didn\\\'t have a lot of time...I suppose that is one of the drawbacks of working full time though!

Vicki is visiting at the moment and tomorrow my friend James arrives. It is good to have visitors here in order to make good use of the VERY nice executive appartment that I am staying in on the corporate account.

Check back for more updates on what I get up to in New York in the remaining 9 weeks that I am here.

Posted by Richard Kirk on 18/09/2005 at 03:01:20 (2336 hits)

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