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Finally I have got myself sorted and got some new webspace. I seriously doubt anyone is frequently checking in here anymore but hopefully word will begin to spread soon and you will all come flooding back!

So...what has happened since I was last here? I have finished uni...that was quite a big deal. My project took a lot of time at the end but I got a prize for it at least. I have also bought a new camera and taken LOADS of photos. Sadly they are all about 5MB each and I haven\\\'t yet decided how to view them on this site. This will happen soon with any lick and you will all be able to enjoy them with me.

There is also the minor point that I am now living in New York that needs to be mentioned. I am only here until November however that should be ample time to generate a few stories to tell.

For now I am off to play pool. Look back soon to find out about all the exciting things that I am up to.



Posted by Richard Kirk on 01/09/2005 at 05:10:12 (2308 hits)

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