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[4] BBC Strike

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I have been watching the BBC a lot today in an attempt to avoid doing my project and have found it to be very funny. If you ask me I think they should go on strike everyday. It makes the news so much more interesting when the (ugly) news reader starts laughing at how badly she is doing half way through a report. Also during the one o'clock news, having played the wrong clip a few times and messed up the graphics a lot the camera then started wobbling too. It really does make TV so much more interesting!

Other than watching tv I have been doing my project today. It is going fairly badly. I keep finding bits that I won't be able to do and have a feeling I am going to come out the other end with very little to show. Never mind.

On a final note Shiv wanted me to say she is awesome. Vicki also complained she hasn't been mentioned on this site yet despite appearing in the gallery many times so I will say Vicki is lovely. Anyone else wanting mentions can wait their turn! (Except Tim...who smells)

PS. no updates have been made to the site because I am busy working...kinda. Will fix/finish the site soon.

Posted by Richard Kirk on 23/05/2005 at 22:33:34 (2326 hits)

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