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[21] Rome, Decorating and Running

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Happy New Year! For those awaiting news of our holiday to Rome over the new year I can report it was great. Vicki and I had a fabulous time visiting the sites of Rome and really enjoyed bringing in 2009 with the Italians, they really know how to put on a fireworks display! Photos will be available soon. We have started 2009 with a mixture of decorating and running. We have finally gotten round to sorting out our hallway. Proress so far is quite slow as we have only done 2 doors however there have been several planning/shopping sessions too. When not renovating we are training hard for our next half marathon. We are going to be running the Reading half on March 29th. I am sure that I will add news on both in the near future so keep coming back to see.

Posted by Richard Kirk on 19/01/2009 at 00:16:09 (2398 hits)

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