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[2] 3 days after exams and I am back on my project

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Not wanting to give myself a rest after finishing my exams I restarted my project today. That is only 3 days, yes 3 days, that is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, between finishing exams and starting project. A little too committed I feel. In my break time I did get some quality celebrations in, celebrating both end of exams and my birthday. All good fun. Thanks to all those who came along.

Other than project work today I have also, helped Adam alphabetise our bridge poetry words (very good revision avoidance from Adam who spent 40mins doing it), watched LOADS of Arrested Development (this is hillarious...everyone should watch it) and been for a meal at Smolenskys in Hammersmith which was very tasty indeed.

Now I am sitting here with a beer contemplating whether I should do some more project work or watch some more TV. It is a hard life!

Posted by Richard Kirk on 16/05/2005 at 22:52:05 (2320 hits)

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