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[19] Half marathon...done!

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Well, that's that then. I can run 13.1 miles. Despite the efforts of TfL trying to stop me from getting to the start and the rain pouring down to slow me down I got around in 2 hours 39 mins 20 seconds. Although I would have liked to have done it faster I am still happy that I got around and can now say that I have done it. So what next then? I applied for the London marathon however was rejected this year so will have to wait until at least 2010 for that. In the meantime I want to try and get faster. I will start with 5k and 10k times but I would like to do another half marathon next February/March. This will probably in Reading. So look out for me on the running paths of West London as I'm not through with this running lark yet!

Posted by Richard Kirk on 07/10/2008 at 15:07:24 (2323 hits)

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