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[15] The World Cup.

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As you will no doubt have noticed we are in the middle of the World Cup! In fact England are playing as I type...type one handed that is as I am sitting drinking a beer and watching the game at the same time. I haven't just been watching the football at home though. I got to go to Germany to watch a game too! I spent 3 days last week in Hamburg where I saw Ecuador play Costa Rica. I was quite disappointed to see Ecuador lose against Germany today as I feel a close bond with the Ecuadorians now having supported them last week and then partied with them until late into the night. If you want to see some photos of my trip they are in the gallery so just click here! What else have I done since March then...well, it was my Birthday in May. That was nice. I got a bit drunk it has to be said. This was mainly because I share it with a Swedish alcoholic (who can be seen in the World Cup photos wearing a Sweden flag). I don't have any photos of that as I was too drunk to be trusted with a camera. I don't have anything else to say again. Maybe this is why I don't update my news section too regularly. Well anyway, I am sure I will be back again in 3 months or so to write another post!

Posted by Richard Kirk on 20/06/2006 at 21:24:49 (2819 hits)

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