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[14] Rubb-arsh

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Yes...I am rubbarsh. I have not updated this site for ages! Last time I updated it I was home for Christmas. Well, I am now home again so I feel, to keep up at least a small amount of continuity, I should write another long awaited (I like to think someone awaits them) post.

Me thinks we are going to need some sub headings here:

Work is fine.

Vicki and I went to Paris recently. I put some photos into the gallery for you to have a look at.

Vicki is well. Did I mention we went to Paris and I put some photos in the gallery.

Even though I have already said work is fine and that I just went to Paris I would like some more breaks. I think I need some weekends away. More often than now I seem to end up just sitting around doing nothing at the weekend. Hopefully when Vicki has got finals out of the way we will be able to get away. Might take her camping again :o)

I also thought it might be good just to book a random £10 super saver room in a travel lodge and go there. It may seem odd to stay at a motorway service station but for £10 I may get to see somewhere new and find fun things to do.

World Cup
I am off to the world cup this summer with my brother and some people from work. We are going to see Italy vs Ghana in Hanover and Ecuador vs. Costa Rica in Hamburg. Quite random matches but I am looking forwards to it still. I better get some accommodation sorted really.

In case you didn't understand the subject, rubb-arsh is just another way of saying rubbish. Apparently that is how I say it. I don't think I do though.

Speaking of rubb-arsh, cheap internet has been giving me lots of headaches. I like to put messages on the internet in as many places as possible that e7even are rubbish. Don't subscribe to them (even though they have (kind of) fixed my connections now. Pay peanuts get monkeys...actually no, I think monkeys would be an improvement.

Sleep time.


Posted by Richard Kirk on 25/03/2006 at 01:36:14 (2661 hits)

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