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[13] It's Christmas! (Well almost...Boxing Day now)

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Merry Christmas all! Hope you got lots of presents and didn't eat too much chocolate. I am spending Christmas at home with my family this year meaning I get to go see all the family back home in Chorley.

My parents have recently had fairly major modifications to the house including an extension at the back and totally redoing the upstairs, except for my bedroom which remains in tact :-) The new layout is very nice giving a lot more space where it is needed. Unfortunately it does mean that I now leave my bedroom and wander into my brothers thinking it is the bathroom as they swapped places...very confusing!

This year I feel that this is a well deserved Christmas break. Having worked in New York for 3 months and now a month in London I have for once earned the time off. Working in London is going pretty well. I get on well with my team and have so far enjoyed the work I have been given. The only problem is that sometimes it is hard to get work of people as they are all very busy meaning I end up sitting around doing nothing while I wait which can be very frustrating.

As for my living arrangements in London I seem to be living in two places at the moment. Half the week with Vicki in Hammersmith and the other half with my brother in New Cross (New Cross because it is close to work and Hammersmith because it is close to Vicki :-). This split means that often it is difficult to keep track of where I am meant to be and more importantly, keeping track of where my clean shirts are. Hopefully I will settle into a routine in the New Year and know where I need to be and when.

Not much other interesting news. I am off to the theatre in Manchester this afternoon. Not sure what we are going to see but I am sure it will be good. I return to London before the new year after a brief trip to Portsmouth to see John in his latest production, Pinochio.

See you again in the New Year!

Posted by Richard Kirk on 26/12/2005 at 12:14:56 (2555 hits)

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