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[12] Leaving New York (via Mexico)

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I am currently sitting in JFK Airport having just finished what could be my last pint of Bud on American soil for some time. With any luck it will be my last pint of Bud on any soil for some time. I don\\\'t have anything in particular against American beers, it is just that most of them taste of piss.

So what have I been up to recently...well, where do I begin? How about a list:

  1. Working on group projects at work

  2. Drinking

  3. Eating

  4. Finishing off the training program

  5. Drinking

  6. Eating

  7. Visiting Mexico for some well deserved relaxation in the sun

  8. Drinking

  9. Eating

You will notice that drinking and eating appear a lot here so as you would expect I am even tubbier than ever on my way back. This is something I should really do something about as I am sure Vicki won\\\'t be best pleased about my new form. Several of us decided that over the training program we have invested a lot in our stomachs so they are actually our most valuable possessions worth thousands of dollars each.

From the top of this list the events that have been keeping me busy lately start with the group project. This was a lot of fun but still fairly hard work. It got particularly bad when it came to presentation time and we ended up repeatedly changing our presentation, modifying and improving in a competition to see who wouldn\\\'t have to present at our graduation from the training program. In the end our project on input validation (zzzzzz) lost out to a much cooler one on search type stuff. This was dine with me though! Cheers to Ke, Hesh and Chris for being a fine project team and congratulations to Anojan, Anders and Jill for an excellent presentation.

The end of the training program was both a lot of fun but also quite emotional. Over the 14 weeks in New York we had all gotten to know each other very well and it was a shame to be leaving each others company to head back to our offices around the world having formed such strong bonds. There are a lot of people that I got to know that I will miss seeing, working with and of course going out with everyday. I suppose on the plus side though we will get a lot of trips to visit each other in the coming years.

Our trip to Mexico allowed us to let our hair down and relax a bit at the end of the program. 4 of us headed down there to catch a bit of sun (myself, Anders, Phil and Shannon). The 4 nights/5 days we were there were mostly taken up with drinking and eating while lying by the pool...what more would you expect from me! We did take some time out though for a day trip on a boat to do some snorkeling and scuba for Phil. The evenings were fairly enjoyable also (understatement ;-), a particular highlight was the foam party that Anders and I attended. This was a great night spent with a lot of Canadians and drunken American college students. The only downside to the holiday was that we had to leave so early, returning from the hot weather in Mexico to the freezing weather in New York was quite a shock!

My next adventure is actually starting work back in London. Not having any idea about what I will be doing or who I will be working with I am still strangely excited about arriving at work on Monday. I am sure it will be one of the only Monday mornings that I look forwards to for quite some time.

Having just ordered another Bud I will sit here and enjoy it before enduring the 7 hour flight home. Come back soon to find out how things go on back in sunny London.

Posted by Richard Kirk on 25/11/2005 at 22:49:06 (2548 hits)

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