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[10] The old introduction to my site..."Why is this page here?"

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Have you ever felt that you really needed a web page but weren't quite sure

I have been thinking this lately so have decided to use my free
time now that exams are over to play around with this little beauty. Whether I
will actually keep it updated or add anything to justify it keeping its place
here on the wibbly-wobbly-web only time will tell.

As an introduction here is a snippit of a conversation I had with my flatmate
on MSN about me having a website:

	Rich:	i want a website
Adam: why do you want a website?
Rich: cos i do
Adam: why?
Rich: cos i do
Rich: then i can put stuff about me on it
Adam: why?
Rich: for fun
Adam: why?
Rich: shuddup
Adam: why?
Rich: i will block u
Adam: :-|

And then I made myself a website.

Posted by Richard Kirk on 14/10/2005 at 00:51:40 (2620 hits)

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