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You would think that with so many places on the internet where people can upload personal details I wouldn't really need another. You would probably be right. Still I like to keep my website alive. More than anything it gives me somewhere to keep photos (why not use picasaweb or kodak easy share or something I hear you say, I say bah!). Anyway, to save repeating myself too much here are a few places that I am happy for you to track me down on-line:



If you are worthy to be my friend on facebook I am sure you already know enough details to find me on there. Otherwise you may get lucky and find me anyway. In case you really need a clue, I went to Imperial College London.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor

This is a site that I love (as of Sept 2008) and make frequent use of. Having found the reviews on there very useful I have also started to try and leave reviews whenever I can. You can see some of my contributions at my Trip Advisor members page.


FETCH Everyone

Recently Vicki has got me running. I keep a track of my training and races on Fetcheveryone. It is an on-line running community who encourage each other and share running experiences. In additiont they provide a fairly neat website for keeping track of your statistics (this is the bit I really can't get enough of :o) ). If you are on FETCH look up "Running Beer" and add me as a buddy.

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